Media Artist & Software Engineer

Hear Space depth


Human beings have explored the depth of space for more than 2,000 years in media such as painting and architecture. Using algorithms and input data, AI can achieve precision and complex results that humans could never replicate on their own. However, the vision of AI does not have to be the same as human vision. We need a tool to help us fly, so we invented the airplane, but the airplane does not need to be the same as a bird. This becomes a very interesting thing of AI vision because it has its own way to look at our world.

On the other hand, as mobile devices and wearable devices have become extensions of the human body and intelligence, combining them with AI will undoubtedly have great potential. The human body leads the “mobile machine” to explore the world, understand the world, and finally let it evolve. A mobile phone equipped with an AI brain is no longer just a pre-programmed machine, but a secondary human organ with self-awareness and an autonomous system.

From another perspective, this is the first time that I decided to learn how to build an AI model on a mobile device, like a mobile phone, an NVIDIA Jetson Nano. I am going to do more experiments to combine mobile devices and AI/ML in the future.

Please experience by downloading from the Apple Store

Coding Part:

IOS Swift+CoreML+PureData